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The Core Team is launching a new app prototype in the Pi Apps Platform where Pioneers can propose Pi App ideas, join projects and engage Pioneers to join projects, and KYC’ed Pioneers can donate Pi in support of a specific published project. The donated Pi will only be distributed if the projects come to fruition. This Brainstorm app will initially publish proposals for ecosystem apps, and later business apps. Tap on the lightbulb below to access it.

核心团队正在Pi Apps平台上启动一个新的应用程序原型,在此平台上,Pioneers可以提出Pi App创意,加入项目并吸引Pioneers加入项目,而KYC的Pioneers可以捐赠Pi来支持特定的已发布项目。 只有在项目实现后,捐赠的Pi才会分发。 此Brainstorm应用程序最初将发布有关生态系统应用程序的提案,然后发布商业应用程序的提案。 点击下面的灯泡以进行访问。

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Welcome to Pi Brainstorm

This is a new app prototype on the Pi Apps Platform where Pioneers can propose Pi Apps ideas, join projects and engage other Pioneers to join projects. KYC’ed Pioneers can donate Pi in support of a specific published project. The donated Pi will only be distributed if the projects come to fruition. The Brainstorm app will initially publish project proposals for ecosystem apps (Type 2), and later business apps (Type 1).


这是Pi Apps平台上的一个新的app原型,在这里,先驱者可以提出Pi Apps的想法,加入项目,并邀请其他先驱者加入项目。KYC ‘ed的先驱可以捐赠Pi来支持一个特定的出版项目。所捐赠的Pi只会在项目结出果实后分发。头脑风暴应用程序将首先发布生态系统应用(类型2)的项目建议,然后是商业应用(类型1)。

The purpose

The purpose of this app is to include all Pioneers in the ecosystem building for Pi. The app hopes to channel the creativity, collective wisdom, talents and support from our large community of more than 10 million engaged Pioneers into producing real applications, creating utilities and building the ecosystem, which are crucial to the success of Pi.



How does it work?

All Pioneers can submit a new project proposal. The submitted projects are not automatically published. First, Pi chat moderators curate proposals for quality and spam/duplication removals. Second, the Core Team will publish a small subset of well-articulated project proposals that contain both a good idea and an initial implementation plan with enough details to indicate alignment with the ecosystem goals and feasibility. Although Pioneers can submit good ideas without having to build it themselves, the priority goes to proposals where the creator also commits as one of builders for the project. Then, all Pioneers will be able to see all published project proposals, and upvote/downvote them as to whether the project should be built to achieve utilities and our ecosystem goals. KYC’ed Pioneers can support the project even further by donating Pi as an incentive to the builders. Talented and motivated Pioneers can apply to join specific projects to help bring them to fruition

Keep in mind that this is an early prototype that we release as beta, and expect changes to come as the community starts using it.

它是如何工作的?所有先驱者都可以提交一个新的项目提案。提交的项目不会自动发布。首先,Pi聊天版主会策划删除高质量和垃圾邮件/重复内容的建议。其次,核心团队将发布一小部分清晰表达的项目建议,其中包含一个好主意和一个初始实施计划,并有足够的细节来表明与生态系统目标和可行性的一致性。虽然先驱者可以提交好的想法,而不必自己构建,但优先考虑的是提案,其中创建者也是项目的构建者之一。然后,所有先驱者将能够看到所有已发布的项目提案,并对该项目是否应该建成以实现公共事业和我们的生态系统目标投上赞成/反对的票。KYC ‘ed的先驱者可以通过捐赠Pi来激励建筑商,从而进一步支持该项目。有才华和积极性的先驱者可以申请加入特定的项目,帮助他们实现成果请记住,这是一个早期的原型,我们将以测试版的形式发布,并期待随着社区开始使用它而发生变化。

Types of app projects

There are two types of projects that Pioneers can submit app proposal for:

Type 1: Apps with a business model. These apps can earn Pi from the business transactions inside their apps, for example charges of Pi for facilitating a purchase for goods or services or direct sales in Pi to Pioneers. These apps make their own independent product, technology and business decisions, e.g. what features or functionalities to include in the app and how much to charge.
Type 2: Ecosystem apps. Ecosystem apps are apps that may not have a business model but are essential to the infrastructure of the Pi ecosystem. The purpose of such apps are to complete insufficiencies, facilitate growth of the ecosystem and benefit the common good of the network. These apps can be developed by Pioneers, will be under the support and direction of the Core Team, and may be running on Core Team’s server infrastructure. Developers of such projects are primarily supported by community donations. Example type 2 apps: an alternative wallet app, a KYC app, etc.

Pioneers can propose both type 1 and type 2 apps. Keep in mind that the Core Team will initially focus on reviewing and publishing ecosystem apps proposed by people who intend to build them. Also, as communicated previously, please avoid submitting apps that are not compliant with the law or Pi’s policies or apps not in line with our ecosystem goals, e.g. apps facilitate hoarding, gambling apps or casinos.

app项目类型先驱者可以提交app proposal的项目有两种:



Project roles

Each project usually contain the following roles:

Admins: For ecosystem app proposals, admins can approve team members and edit the project description. For business apps, the role of admins is assumed by the leaders of the project.
Business: People who would like to contribute to the business side of the project, such as marketing, operations, communication, pioneer engagement and support, etc..
Developers: People who would like to contribute technical skills to building of the project, such as engineers, designers etc..






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