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Your Pi is safe – but may seem lower during Lite mode

Pi Lite mode is turned on either when the service is under technical maintenance or upgrade or when there is very high traffic. Lite mode allows only essential features of Pi, e.g. mine, logins and signups. Your balance or KYC status will not be lively updated in Lite mode but will be corrected once normal mode is back. Please be assured that your Pi is safe.

翻译:当服务处于技术维护或升级状态或流量很高时,Pi Lite模式将打开。精简模式仅允许使用Pi的基本功能,例如 我的,登录和注册。您的余额或KYC状态不会在精简模式下实时更新,但一旦恢复为正常模式,便会得到纠正。请放心,您的Pi是安全的。

目前核心团队目前正在解决部分停机时间问题。同时,我们可能会不时在应用程序中打开Pi Lite模式。您的Pi很安全!请稍候,请勿尝试通过卸载然后重新安装来解决此问题。应用恢复正常后,我们将发送更新!

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